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From: Warren Whitlock
Thursday, Nov. 3rd
Re: Your health and the health of your family

Dear Reader,

I hope you are healthy.

I hope you stay healthy, and learn from the mistakes of millions who have been misinformed about the danger of diabetes.

Let me tell you about one story. It's my story.

My husband Mark was having major spinal surgery several years ago and when they did the blood work before the surgery they asked him how long he had diabetes. He had no idea he had it.

At the time, he was in horrific pain and had been in bed for over two weeks and wasn't eating hardly anything.

They had to put him on insulin as a high risk patient for the surgery.

After the surgery he remained on insulin while in the hospital and then his sugars became good enough when he was released to take oral medication.

Don't wait until it's too late. Read this book, and lower your risk

Terri Levine

I laughed when my doctor warned me

In the last two decades, I've been told several times that I was pre-diabetic and could count on joining my wife who was already a type II diabetic.

Living with a diabetic, I thought I understood. "I'm nothing like that.. I may be overweight, but don't have other symptoms"

One doctor even told me he wanted to put me on drugs because he was sure I would be diabetic any minute... still I laughed. I understand now how wrong I was.

Book Arrived Just In Time

I'm fortunate. As a book marketing expert, I was asked to take a look at a new book by Dr. Walter Bortz that would need to be promoted to 200 million people. That got my attention.

The manuscript arrived about 7 weeks ago. I decided to skim through and see what it was all about. Three hours later I had finished the book, and my life was changed forever.

I'll tell you what's in the book in a minute.. first I'd like you to know that even with no intention of changing how I was affected.

Better Health In The First Week

When you read the straight forward, easy to follow explanations of what the experts know now about diabetes, it's easy to see how diabetes is a huge epidemic and how we can and must do something about it right now

Reading the studies, the explanation of how diabetes is tied to most of the major killers, and how real people are making a few simple changes to avoid the danger.. you'll find new hope for a better tomorrow

In my own case, as soon as I put the book down, I started making smart choices in what I eat, and added a little exercise. Doing so has led to a 33 pound weight loss in 7 weeks! More important.. I feel better all the time. I haven't felt this good in years. I have more energy, get more done and even stopped having the morning headaches that I now call my "sugar hangovers"

Want to know more about this book?.. read this

Help Us Spread The Warning To Millions

Maybe you're in perfect health. I don't know, you may not ever become diabetic yourself. But what about your family? Odds are,  you know people who are suffering, and others who are in danger from bad habits that most of us share.

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Having my mother, siblings, aunts & cousins with diabeties....I can't stress enough....the importance for people to become informed!

Nancy Pena
Sun City, AZ

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Dialectician [from Merriam Webster dictionary]: one who practices discussion or reasoning by dialogue as a method of intellectual investigation; specifically the Socratic techniques of exposing false beliefs and eliciting truth.

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Most of the health problems we worry about have been proven to happen more to diabetics. Illness, fatigue, and even early death are real issues for millions.

Fortunately, we can do something about it. The rise in diabetes can be stopped, and we can all live healthier lives. Regardless of your current health now, I urge to get a copy of Diabetes Danger and to share this information with others.

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You can't lose (except maybe some weight).

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Warren Whitlock
#1 Bestselling Author, Marketing Results Coach

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